1. Me: I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
    2. Me: *watches entire season of tv show*
    3. Me: *reads every book i own*
    4. Me: *goes on quest to find the holy grail*
  1. hanoar:


    The history of film in one scene


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  3. sniffing:

    do u ever accidentally slam the door on your parents after an argument and then have to sit there praying to god to help u through the ensuing shit storm that you know is about to go down

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  4. idreaminwords:

    Raven’s mom knows what’s up

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  5. -annoying:

    i want a hot body but i also want hot wings

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  6. deanshuggybear:


    In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don’t exist

    game of thrones

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  7. lostinspecifictime:

    nothings more emo than reciting the entire end to get busy living or get busy dying perfect word for word

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  8. things that are enjoyable:

    • showers

    things that are not enjoyable:

    • getting in the shower
    • getting out of the shower

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  9. bromancer:

    i like the word assassin because it has 2x as much ass as any other word

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  10. Alternative Press

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  11. the-nameless-bird:


    i feel like every video game has “that annoying underwater level”


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  12. cooasswhiteboiii47:




    So fucking powerful.

    can’t get over this

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  13. porch:

    best insult ever

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  14. equiuszahhak:

    BEWARE: smoking weed can have dangerous side effects, such as never shutting the fuck up about the fact you smoke weed

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